About us

About Us
The Student Funding Portal provides a means for Students, Funders and Institutions to interact on a common platform to access services. Students are able to view available funding options and to apply to study at institutions. Funders are able to specify student selection criteria and monitor the allocation of their funds down to individual student alloactions. Institutions can easliy apply means tests in the selection process of applicants and grant approval for applicants for an academic year with predetermined budgets per funder and student.

Our History

The Student Funding Portal has been established by a group of people who have a passion for assisting the Higher Education sector at national level by providing efficient fund managment platforms. Our management has a rich experience and legacy (1993 - 2004) of establishing the original Tertiary Education Fund of South Africa (TEFSA) which became the National Student Financial Aid Scheme of South Africa (NSFAS). Since then our management and our partners have established the partner companies listed below, which are well known brands in the Higher Education sector.

Services Provided

The Student Funding Portal offers a comprehensive loan and bursary administration service on behalf of 3rd parties to qualifying individuals in Higher Education institutions. We administer funds on behalf of national and international funders to provide an opportunity for students to study throughout South Africa.

  • online loan and bursary applications
  • automated qualification criteria vetting as prescribed by funder and institution
  • document management systems which offer and store all contractual and financial records
  • management of apportioned funds to each individual on behalf of the funder
  • student card, cellphone or Tap-a-Tag for purchase of goods and services by the student at authorised vendors
  • detailed, real-time reporting for all parties (students, funders and institutions)
  • loan and partial bursary financial management platform for interest bearing funding options fully compliant with the National Credit Regulator of South Africa
  • debt recovery services

Our partners

The Student Funding Portal is powered by the existing Information Systems of our partners who have established brands within the Higher Education sector of South Africa and other countries.


Intellimali is the home of IntelliCard, a leading brand in student fund administration. IntelliCard is designed for the managment and control of funds allocated to students studying at Higher Education institutions. The student is allowed to purchase necessities like food, books, accommodation and stationery in a controlled manner via the students Cellphone, Tap-a-Tag or Student card at approved vendors.

Debt Tracker

Debt Tracker prides itself on being the most efficient and cost effective, outstanding “fee recovery vehicle” in the country. Debt Tracker started its debt collection in 2004.

We secured our first contract of R58 million in November 2004, by the end of February 2005, merely R9 million was outstanding. To date we have collected in excess of R350 million and have not lost a single client since our establishment. We are known for excellence in service, ethical practices and cost effective structure.