Become a funder

Funders may include employers, parents, companies, institutions, government, foreign governments or anyone who has an interest in providing study cost support to one or more students.

Becomming a Student Funding Portal funder is the most effective way to provide a student with allowances for food, accommodation, books, stationery, airtime, medicines, pocket money, etc. You can be sure that the sponsorship is used only for its intended purpose.

How do I register as a funder

Becoming a funder is easy, involving a quick registration process. Once registered, the funder can view allocations and expenditure in summary or detailed format. Please contact us for details.

Fund management

Student selection processing

The Student Funding Portal will supply the Funder with a a complete list and shortlist of potential successful student applications matching the funders selection criteria. The Funder subsequently supplies the Student Funding Portal with the final selection of shortlisted student applications.

Approval processing

The Student Funding Portal then manages the process of communication with the successful students advising them to register at the selected Institution. Unsuccessful students are informed of other possible avenues of funding. The successful students are then obliged to supply the Student Funding Portal with proof of registration. After the proof of registration has been received, the student will begin to receive appropriate portions of his funds.

Expenditure management and reporting

A Funder can also set budgets on each allowance category with daily, weekly, monthly or annual limits. The Funder will be able to get detailed reports on the student’s allowances spending and balances via this website at any time. Any unspent balances will be returned to the Funder at the end of each year. Funders are invoiced each week and or month to cover student expenditure for the fiscal period.