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Student funding administration

Everyone involved in student funding knows that administering the allowances for food, books, stationery, cash, etc. is difficult.

Many fund providers specify exactly what portion of the funding should be used for each of these allowances. Some major funders do not specify exactly how each award should be spent. The Institution is left to apportion the funding responsibly, ensuring that the money is used for intended purposes. The Student Funding Portal allows Institutions to be in full control of the allocation of funds.

Institution benefits

Institutions are relieved of almost all the administrative time spent on administering student allowances. Institutional administration is reduced to providing the allowance data at the start of each year, reviewing and approving Intellicard's invoice (Tap-a-Tag, Intellicard) for monthly payments to Merchants and moving funds for merchant and cash allowance payments.

IntelliCard is absolutely free to Institutions and to students. There are no costs whatsoever – only savings.


Capture once

The Student Funding Portal is designed on a principle of capture once for all key information. Individual students may capture their own information or batches of students may be captured by the Institution Financial Aid Office.


The student funding applications are shortlisted and sent to the funder for selection and approval. The funder approved list is then sent to the Institution for registration.


The Student Funding Portal makes the approval and registration process transparent to the Funder, Institution and Student. The Institution can register students for a Funder for the budget allocated by the Funder which can be monitored until the available funds are allocated.


The registered student is then allocated funds on a Tap-a-Tag or Student Card in order to be able to purchase goods or services from approved vendors. The Student, Funder and Institution are able to monitor the expenditure in drill down reporting dashboards.


Comprehensive management by exception reports, dashboards and listings are provided.

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