Student Funding Portal | On-line Applications
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On-line Applications

Most organisations lack the capacity to administer a vast number of applications in an efficient manner.  We offer reliable and instant turnaround time in the administration of these applications on behalf of the Funder.

Traditionally, administering the application process was very time consuming.  The process was characterized with long queues of students, complicated forms requiring completion, insufficient space to host the vast amount of students completing the documentation and misplaced applications after the process.

The Student Funding Portal on-line application solution eliminates all these frustrations and complexities.

  • The online service removes all queues enabling thousands of students to register online at the same time.
  • The prompts advise students if key pieces of information have not been supplied.
  • The applications are stored, and backups retained, in a world-class data centre.
  • The student receives the necessary notifications once their application has been completed and stored; providing them with peace of mind.


Who benefits from the Student Funding Portal service?


Students are able to view an interactive dashboard to identify funding opportunities from institutions and funders.  The student can determine their eligibility for the funding and make their application accordingly.



Registered institutions are able to view an interactive dashboard that provides insight into student interest in funding from the institution.  In addition, the institution is able to identify which students will attend their institution with additional funding assistance from funders.



Registered organizations or individuals can become provide loans or bursaries for students requiring assistance. These funders are able to view an interactive dashboard that monitors their fund allocations.


What is the main benefit for institutions?

Institutions are relieved of almost all the administrative time spent on facilitating, completing and capturing applications.

In addition, their administration is further reduced if they utilize the services of Student Funding Portals ‘sister’ companies Intellimali and Debttracker.

Intellimali offers reliable and instant transaction turnaround time in the administration of  allowances for the students on behalf of the Funder.  Allowances include accommodation, food, books and cash and these payments can be managed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Debttracker recovers loan finance allocated to students from institutions and funders.


What is the Student Funding Portal process?

The Student Funding Portal is designed on a principle of capture once for all key information. Individual students may capture their own information or batches of students may be captured by the Institution’s Financial Aid Office.

The student funding applications are shortlisted, based on the criteria determine by the funder,  and sent to the funder for selection and approval. The funder approved list is then sent to the Institution for registration.

The approval and registration process remains transparent to the Funder, Institution and Student.  The Institution can register students for a Funder according to the budget allocated by the Funder.  The budget is monitored until all the available funds are allocated.

The registered student is then allocated funds, ideally managed by IntelliMali, in order to purchase goods or services from approved merchants. The Student, Funder and Institution are able to monitor the expenditure at all times.

Comprehensive reports and dashboards are provided.  Each report is customized to the requirements of the student, the institution or the funder.

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