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Apply for funding online

The Student Funding Portal uses the latest technology to allow you to apply for funding online. You can use social media to sign in or to create an account on the Student Funding Portal. All of your information will be visible to you.

  • Your current funding application progress
  • Your historic funding applications
  • Your academic history
  • Your current allowance balance by category
The Student Funding Portal includes a process flowchart and guidelines to provide assistance with each form that has to be captured in the funding application process.

Who will fund my studies?

View our funding page to see a list of our current funders.

Where can I study?

View our institution page to see a list of institutions.

Accessing your allocated allowance

Access to your allocated allowance is made simple via an IntelliCard Tap-a-tag, your cellphone or Student Card which may be used at approved vendors.

Applicants must

  • Meet university admission point score (APS) and achieve an average of 70% in the NSC exams.
  • Be applying as a 1st year, full time student for a degree that falls within the priority growth sectors and in critical and scarce skills areas as outlined in the labour planning frameworks of the country
  • Be a South African citizen between the ages of 14 - 35
  • Financially needy (a combined household salary of less than R15 000.00 per month)

Please note:

  • Application does not automatically mean acceptance. A final selection of students to be covered by the Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship is made by committee.
  • No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.
  • All information submitted is strictly confidential.

Intellimali is the home of IntelliCard, a leading brand in student fund administration. IntelliCard is designed for the managment and control of funds allocated to students studying at Higher Education institutions. The student is allowed to purchase necessities like food, books, accommodation and stationery in a controlled manner via the students Cellphone, Tap-a-Tag or Student card at approved vendors.

As a student, the IntelliCard system will allow you to make purchases at selected vendors by swiping your student card through a point of sale machine, transacting via your cellphone or touching a point of sale machine with your Tap-a-Tag.

The process is quick and transactions are reflected on your IntelliCard account instantly, which can be accessed through the student portal.